Tea Philo 哲學茶席
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《Tea Philo哲學茶席》一個以哲學、人文、及藝文思潮探索個人社會價值的系列沙龍座談,藉茶飲清穩心神,無拘束輕空間的自在氣氛下,主講與出席者能近距離直線交流溝通。《Tea Philo哲學茶席》將邀請臺灣傑出團體或個人蒞馬作經驗分享,並邀得馬來西亞各方領域者出席回饋予以意見,彼此分享學習、交流,為兩地文化互動建立通暢管道。

Tea Philo is a monthly series of sharing sessions revolving the discussion of philosophies and humanities. It was presented from April 2017 with the intends of building cultural and social value through salon talks with tea. In the natural environment of tea appreciation, audiences could converse in close proximity. Luminaries from Taiwan are invited to Malaysia to share their experiences and to engage the local cultural communities for a mutual interactive. This series will be continuing presented in 2019.